2 New What?

This was my daughter’s idea. One night at bedtime, she asked me to “tell her something new.” I wasn’t quite sure what she was looking for, so I tried to think of some piece of trivia that would be interesting and comprehensible to a three-year-old.

While I don’t remember what I came up with, it was good enough to leave her wanting more, as she immediately asked for another “new thing.” Hoping this wasn’t just a ploy to extend bedtime, I told her something else, which did the trick. She was satisfied and went to bed.

Until the next night, when, after books, she once again wanted 2 New Things. From then on, I’ve done my best to have something to share with her each night. Based on audience feedback and other points of context, there’s been a bias towards biology, zoology, paleontology, and astronomy. Occasionally we deviate, but it’s hard to beat something like robots on Mars or an extinct marine reptile with a vertical mouth when you’re talking to kids.


I’m generally just reading pop-science articles and rewriting them for my kids, so if you’re following places like National Geographic’s Phenomena blog, you’re going to see a lot of overlap. You may┬áhave also bumped into my original shot at archiving these items (as there’s a younger brother to prepare for…) on Google+, which this site will basically replace.

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