Frequently Asked Questions

So you’ve read the About page and still want to know what’s going on here? Take a look at the answers below, and if that still doesn’t help, send an email.

Who makes the pictures?

This is a one-person operation, so I’m covering research, writing, and illustrating everything on my own. Oh, and I’m in charge of bedtime for my primary audience too.

I worked on the study you wrote about! Can I have a copy of your illustration?

If you’re not distributing it, that should probably be fine, especially if you’d be willing to answer a few more questions about the research. Send an email with details and we’ll figure out the details, including the possibility of a higher-resolution image.

I have a question or story idea. Do you take suggestions?

Sure! Send it in an email.

Are you a scientist? What do you study?

While it’s slightly puzzling to my kids, I’m not a scientist (their mom is the PhD in the house). But it turns out there’s a lot of research and information out there, and the more you dig into it, the more it can make sense to anyone, event an ahem, art major.

Some of this is dense material— do your kids really understand all this?

That’s a good question, and it varies depending on how interested they are in a topic, how tired they are, or how tired I am when sharing the story. However, what you read here isn’t a verbatim transcript of what I tell my kids. The stories on the website are written at more of an adult level, because I’m just faster at writing that way.

To my kids’ credit though, I’m pretty sure that, for their ages, they have an above average grasp of things like convergent evolution or gravity since we’ve talked about them many times. That foundation then allows me to get a little more technical sometimes, although that’s obviously limited by my own understanding of each topic as well.

What’s the shop about?

The shop gives you a way to help support 2 New Things, and look sharp doing it. Everything is printed to order by the folks at, shipping from both the US and Europe. More designs are always in the works, so check back or send a suggestion about what cool pictures you’d like to have on a t-shirt (or coffee mug?)